Why You Should choose Surrey Taxis Farnham?

Home James taxis is well established company in Farnham yet we only been established in 2015 we still one of the best taxi companies in farnham when it comes to service our 5 stars rating and customer satisfaction is really high as expected , due the high quality service Surrey Taxis Farnham prides itself.

But wait it’s not always about stars ratings , The  enthusiastic approach in the way we operate the taxi service in farnham , is also is a key to our success , Our taxi drivers are fully independent as part of group of taxi drivers partnership everyone is concerned with the quality service they  provide.

Its also important at this point to mention the prices/rate to the airport and major destination from central Farnham. Surrey taxi Farnham in most of the cases compared to Home James provide better taxi service rates, there is a comparison extracted from home James website.

All the prices based on an airport transfer Saloon car.

Fare                                                         Surrey taxis Farnham                                                                           Home James taxis

Farnham to Heathrow               From      Day:£52  Night:65                                                                   From                Day:£50 Night:£75

Farnham To Gatwick                  From      Day: £62 Night: £70                                                               From               Day: £60 Night: £90

Farnham To Stansted                 From      Day: £143 Night: £160                                                            From             Day: £145 Night: £200

Farnham To Eastleigh                 From     Day: £70 Night: £95                                                                From               Day: £70 Night: £160

Farnham To London                    From     Day: £80 Night:£95                                                                 From               Day: £80 Night:£80

Surrey taxis Farnham or Home James Taxis
Surrey taxis Farnham or Home James Taxis

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” Very good Taxi service in Farnham knowledgeable cab driver knows all about the area , I was in hogs back hotel got me taxi to my meeting on-time ! Thank you for your prompt taxi service. ! Nice clean car friendly driver reassured me when panicked…! “


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Mr Lee B Host Hogs back Hotel

“Polite, friendly and helpful service given by Surrey Taxis Farnham , together with very reasonable pricing for my cab. Thanks Lyes!”



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